Hello all, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in my blog.

My name is Matthew Adams, and I am currently a student at Seneca College taking Computer Programming & Analysis. If I am not logged on to IRC or programming, I am probably at a hockey arena, either playing or watching a game.

My education so far has helped me create a small freelance web design & development company called Tandem Web Design. My partner and I design, implement, and maintain webpages for a variety of clients. We also specialize in custom CGI’s, Web Apps, and SEO(search engine optimization).

Since grade 9 my operating system of choice has been Linux. I started off with Mandrake(now Mandriva), then moved to Open Suse for a little while. Used Fedora for about 6 months, and finally settled down with Ubuntu. Although I love open source and Linux, I also keep a Windows box around for the times I really need it.

Things you’ll find on my blog are Linux(Ubuntu) tips & tricks, computer security information, and hockey information.

If you enjoy hockey, especially hockey jerseys, head over to my buddy Ryan’s blog for up to date NHL information, and all of his jersey concepts [Click Here].


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