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Using Drivel To Update WordPress!

Figure 1

Okay, so I’ve finally got Drivel to word properly with my wordpress blog.

Install Drivel

You can download drivel from their homepage at

or if your running ubuntu, it is already in the repository so you can simply install it

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install drivel

Configure Drivel with WordPress

Open Drivel (Application->Internet->Drivel)

  1. Figure 2

    Enter Username

  2. Enter Password
  3. Select ‘Movable Type’ for the Journal Type
  4. Type in your blogs address ie

  5. Add xmlrpc.php at the end of your blog ie

  6. Log In

After you have logged in, you will be given a screen like this (See Figure 3). Now here is the hard part, finding something worth blogging about, and pressing the ‘Post’ button.

Figure 3

You also have the option to save your draft locally, this comes in handy if you don’t have access to the Internet, and feel like blogging about something. It allows you to write your blog, save it, and then post it the next time you connect to the Internet.


I’m Back

Okay, so i’ve had to take a short break from blogging. You see I got my first job about a month ago in my field (for those of you that don’t know, it’s Computer Programming). Anyways, so ya I got my first job, and have had no time to blog. I have a few topics that I want to write about, and a ton of drafts that I need to get around to finishing up.

A couple month ago, I did a post on Linux Blog Editors. When I posted, I decided to use Gnome Blog. As great as Gnome Blog is, the main reason why I was using it was because it had an applet that sat on the desktop. A feature that I very much enjoy. However, I am running gnome-shell a lot, and now don’t get that running applet, so I have decided to try out a couple of the other blogging clients that I mentioned.

Right now, I am writing this post in Drivel, however I am having some problems with it, and hopefully it will update my blog. I will edit this post with all of the steps required to update your wordpress blog from Drivel.

I’ve also done some of my drafts within Word This. And I have to say, I really enjoy the layout, the only drawback to it is, you have to run it in a web browser. Most of you might not see this as a flaw, but as soon as I open my browser, I want to serf the net, not blog. I’m sure that I’ll get over this impulse, and use it a little more.

Here are some posts that I’m working on right now, a little something that you can look forward too!

  1. A quick post on a script call wepbuster (more details to come, I don’t want to give anything away)
  2. A brief description of what I do at work, and what languages I use(Can’t go into much detail, but still interesting, well at least to me)
  3. OpenJarvis (Something I’ve been meaning to start for a while, and finally have some POC to show you!)

Hello world!

Welcome to by new blog! Here you will find a range of information about computers, computer security, tips and tricks, etc. Other things you might find posting about are on Hockey, NHL news, and anything else that I feel like posting about. If your interested in updated NHL news, and jersey concepts check out my buddy’s blog over at Hockey Jersey Concepts.

If you don’t know a lot about me, most of my information is in the about but the summary is I’m a heavy Linux user, that enjoy everything computers and hockey.

Stay tuned for a little blurb about Ubuntu 10.10, and how to upgrade to Beta if you so choose.