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So I’ve been looking around for a nice Blog Editor. As you know I’m a Linux user, and use Ubuntu 10.10 ( Which was released today, and will probably upgrade to the final release as soon as I’m finished posting)

What I was looking for was an app that I could run on my desktop, and that had the basic bloging utilities(tags, categories, bold, links, pictures, etc).

Since I’m using Ubuntu, and the Gnome desktop, I wanted something that could integrate into the desktop, and was somewhat clean looking. I do enjoy wordpress’ interface, it allows to to customise your theme, modify your settings, and it even allows you to blog! But when I want to write a quick post, I think the wordpress layout is a bit much.

What I found was a program call Gnome Blog(link). This program is light weight, and can be added straight to a Gnome panel.

Gnome Blog

During my quest to find an editor best for me, I came across a few that you might be interested in.

Drivel Blog Editor –

BloGTK –

Word This (Google Chrome Extension) –

ScribeFire (Firefox Addon) –

Now, Gnome blog is very simple and basic. It does hold back on certain options that you might want, like adding a category and tags. But in the end, this is exactly what I was looking for. Something that looks nice, looks good on my desktop, and allows me to post a quick blurb on my blog.

If you use a different blog editor, or have comments on Gnome blog please leave me a comment. Tell me what you like/dis-like about Gnome Blog, and if you use a different editor, why your editor is better.


Talk to you soon